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Athena’s Circle – Mentoring

Through our mentoring program, Athena’s Circle, HealthWrite affirms our commitment to the community by mentoring young people interested in healthcare careers. Through the promotion of a positive self-image and the facilitating of positive life skills, the mentees would experience success in a respectful and confident manner.

The achievements of our youth are essential in changing the current destructive environment to one that fosters support and accomplishments. Effective mentoring and workforce training could assist in breaking the cycles of low self-esteem, little or no family values and the exhibiting of risky behaviors that often are a result of detrimental influences such as incarceration, substance abuse and homelessness.

Our mentors are chosen based on the educational, professional as well as personal needs of the mentee. The mentor will be the guide through personal, academic and career challenges. The mentors are selected based on stringent criteria that reflect the Core Values of HealthWrite: Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. The involvement of the family is integral to the mentoring experience and the family is encouraged to participate.

For mentoring opportunities, contact Zerita Hudson at