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About Healthwrite

HealthWrite, LLC is a woman-owned company whose principals are Registered Nurses with a wealth of clinical, consulting, legal and administrative experiences. This foundation of varied experience is at the core of the company’s mission to facilitate and promote access and availability of quality, principled health care.

HealthWrite Training Academy is licensed by the DC office of the Superintendent of Education ( OSSE) – Higher Education License Commission.

HealthWrite Training Academy is a non-profit company whose goal is to provide vocational and workforce-inspired learning to persons in need of business and social change.

Through the support and leadership of our Board of Directors, HealthWrite is an organization committed to providing quality education, workforce training, and health-related services to persons in need. The concept of HealthWrite has been brewing for many years in the minds of Zerita Hudson and Caren Bright Webb and through support, commitment and diligence of the Board of Directors and through our many partner organizations and friends, we are able to offer the services of HealthWrite to the community.

HealthWrite’s aim is to train and promote the individual to become self-sufficient in their career and their lifestyle. This anticipated career self–sufficiency would assist our communities to rebuild, rebound and expand.

Through partnerships with local civic organizations, sororities, fraternities and businesses, HealthWrite remains committed to the consistent branding of our CORE VALUES: C.A.R.E.