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GIRLS UP FRONT – Mentoring

HealthWrite Training Academy is proud to announce the start of our leadership and mentorship academy for young women 18-25, Girls up Front. Current and previous HealthWrite graduates, as well as young women in the DC community, are encouraged to participate in the 16-week program that will be offered twice per year.
The goal of the academy is to support, inspire, educate, nurture young women ages 18-25 to strengthen their lives which in turn will strengthen our community. We hope to embolden our participants to be “up front” in their lives, “up front” with their personal and family situations, “up front” with finances and “up front” with their careers.
Girls up Front participants will engage in educational, social, cultural and career events that will help cultivate and guide.
The kickoff for the GIF (Girls in Front) Academy is scheduled for Mid-July 2019
For additional information, please contact Zerita Hudson at 202-251-9110 or email