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Inservice/Continuing Education

HealthWrite Training Academy is approved by the DC Board of Nursing through CE broker to offer continuing education classes for Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants. We offer the following courses:

1. Maintaining Professional Boundaries in Healthcare 2 hours
2. Providing Exceptional customer service 2 hours
3. Preventing Falls in the Elderly 2 hours
4. Taking Care of you 2 hours
5. Providing Nutritional Support to the HIV Patient 2 hours
6. Care and Support of the Alzheimer’s patient 2 hours
7. Assisting the Client with Mental Health Challenges 2 hours
8. Doing the Right Thing; Promoting Ethical Behavior in the Home 2 hours
9. Assisting in the Care of the Diabetic Patient 3 hours
10. Positive Communication Strategies 3 hours
11. Beyond the Basics; Assisting the patient with Schizophrenia 4 hours
12. Beyond the Basics; Assisting the patient with Bi-Polar disorder 4 hours
13. Beyond the Basics; Assisting the patient with Alzheimer’s 6 hours
14. Aging and the HIV patient 2 hours
15. Assisting clients with therapeutic meal planning 3 hours

Please use the following link to enroll into the DC Board of Nursing approved educational sessions: . Or, please contact us at 202-349-3934 to receive more information about our reasonably priced courses.