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Asphalt 9

Bored up with the Asphalt 8 Airborne and waiting for the new installment of Asphalt to kill your time seamlessly then here is the good news for you that you will soon get the next series of asphalt installed on your system and may be by the end of the next year as per the gameloft forums the Asphalt 9 Shock wave is on its way to get released in the next year after the April month for the android and IOS systems. If you are using a windows pc or windows installed OS device then you may have to wait for it to get released as Asphalt 8 is also released a year after it is on Android and IOS devices.

Shockwave and Xtreme are actually to be released in the next year. Well, according to the officials the xtreme is the lite version of asphalt 9 and the main game is Asphalt 9 Shockwave which you must try at once as it is gonna be awesome because the last installment of this series is also pretty addictive and the new one will surely take away your hearts.

The releasing date for Asphalt next series that is Shockwave and Xtreme is in next year that is 2017 and the month is still not fixed, but most probably the xtreme will be launched first and followed by the Asphalt 9 Shockwave by the end of year. If you are asking for the actual releasing date for asphalt 9 then you can’t have it now as the teaser is not out yet and as they are now coming up with the new tracks (Rio De Janerio is recently added) and latest updates so we shouldn’t expect the next big thing to be released soon but as soon as it is available you must check its hacks and updates here on this portal & of course your question that When Asphalt 9 Shockwave is Releasing? will be delivered soon.

asphalt 9
According to the recently published post on the forums this information has been in view that in second quarter of 2017 that is April-June Gameloft is going to release the Asphalt 9 shockwave and within a few months only you will also witness the Xtreme series of the game (releasing date may vary as the company will itself finally decide to release the installment so check it on the gameloft forums as listed below).

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