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Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and Integrity are equal partners in the provision of healthcare. When we choose the field of nursing ( RN, LPN, CNA, HHA) we choose to do the right thing 100% of the time, not when it is is convenient. While the vocation of Home Health Care requires the health care provider to be innovative, creative, professional, compassionate, reliable and accountable, it is also essential that the provider is truthful and honest. The patients in home care are frequently the elderly and disabled; they often are the most vulnerable of all patients; depending upon the Home health care provider to meet their physical, mental and often social needs. Home care unfortunately on occasion attracts healthcare providers that are apathetic, corrupt, and uncaring. The actions of these few, can overshadow the outstanding performance of the providers that consistently promote and demonstrate exceptional healthcare in the comfort of the patient’s home. Provide outstanding healthcare in the home “like someone is looking” at all times.
It is crucial that Home Care agencies reject, and remove any health care provider that does not exemplify values, morals and veracity.
As employers of home health staff and providers of home health care, it is imperative that we DO THE RIGHT THING 100% of the time.

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